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The Public is warmly invited to attend all events unless expressly stated otherwise.


Marilyn Mooney & Beth Johnston
will be at the
October 10-12, 2015
Village Green - Route 116
No. Scituate, RI
Sat & Sun: 10am-5pm
Mon: 10am-4pm


EGAC Meetings
Our membership meets the
first Tuesday of the month
(except January, July & August)
7:00 pm
First Baptist Church Hall*
30 Peirce Street
East Greenwich, RI
(unless otherwise indicated)

* Church hall is at street level on the corner of Montrose St. & Peirce St.
Parking allowed on the street
and in lot across the street.

Les Invités
A site where artists can create
and connect to our art community
to exhibit work (show & tell), share
advice, news, techniques & critiques.

Every Tuesday 10:00am to 2:00pm
except when school is on vacation
at EG Parks & Recreation Bldg.
1127 Frenchtown Road
East Greenwich, RI
(across from Frenchtown Elementary)

$2.00 charge
Bring your own lunch.
Call 828-4635 for more info.
Enjoy Frenchtown Park
at the rear of the building.

Tuesday — February 2, 2016 at 7:00pm
Members Meeting
First Baptist Church Hall *
30 Peirce Street
East Greenwich, RI
Guest Artist: Tony Monahan
"The most predominant image used in my work is that of the turtle. The shape and design of its shell universally identify this particular animal to all people and cultures. Along with protection and strength, the shell of a turtle provides intricate designs, color and geometrical structure. I am often asked the question, "Why turtles?" The question is difficult to answer, other than to say it's just the way I see things. Artistically, I see and construct the world through the use of turtles, which manifest themselves in various designs and patterns. I make no excuses, for me it's all about turtles.

I have been producing artwork since 1997. I started working with acrylic paints on canvas and soon switched to working with papers. Presently, the majority of my work is made from what I call, Paper Structure. This medium is layered paper on paper, which is thicker and more dimensional than paper collage or papier mache. In order to construct a piece, I must first deconstruct it into its' individual pieces, then reconstruct it as a whole.

My pieces usually contain elements of color, nature, science and mathematics. I also strive for my work to engage children, as well as adults, with intention to inform as well as entertain. The art I have been able to conceive include the use of mathematical sequencing, geometry, representations of physics, astronomy, human anatomy, world languages, and nature, as well as fantasy and folklore. I do not use paints to color or design the paper. The papers are procured for their color, texture, patterns, and compatibility with the images I am planning. I often spend years collecting the right types of paper before starting an art piece. I also like to use mat board - thick paper used in framing - which often makes the art three-dimensional and heavy.

I consider creating this type of artwork to be both a struggle and a joy. The struggle lies in gathering my strength, dexterity , and time to execute the physical aspects and intricacies of creating each piece. The joy occurs when the images that I have been visualizing for years is materialized into something that everyone can see."

* Church hall is at street level on the corner of Montrose St. & Peirce St. Parking allowed on the street and in lot across the street.


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